Current Conditions along Sonora Pass

Pinecrest, Dodge Ridge, Kennedy Meadows

Sonora Pass & Campground Report

What is Open and What is Closed

Current Weather Conditions at Pinecrest Lake

Pinecrest Lake is at 5,600 feet of elevation. Weather conditions there reflect conditions at nearby Dodge Ridge, Strawberry, and Beardsley Reservoir .

For weather conditions around Kennedy Meadows and Dardanelle see Dardanelle.

Is Sonora Pass Open?

Photo of the Sonora Pass, June 11, 2011

Sonora Pass, June 11, 2011

Highway 108:

Sonora Pass is CLOSED for the winter.
As of November 30, 2017, the highway is closed from 7.2 miles east of Strawberry on the west side and 8 miles west of the 395 junction on the east side.

Photo of the Sonora Pass, June 16, 20111

Sonora Pass, June 16, 2017

For the most current information on roads, check with Caltrans.

Call 1-800.427.7623 or visit the CalTrans website: CalTrans - Department of Transportation - Road Conditions. (Scroll down to SR 108.)

Opening Dates in Past Years

Sonora Pass usually remains open until the first heavy snowfall of the winter arrives. Often that occurs sometime in early November, but snow can temporarily close the pass at any time.

Traditionally the pass re-opens in mid-May, but once again, even after it opens, late season storms can cause it to close again. See the past opening dates shown below: Historical Conditions.


Campgrounds Listed as OPEN January 27, 2018

This late in the season it is always wise to confirm with a phone call to the Forest Service whether these campgrounds are open or closed. The Forest Service has announced that they will begin closing campgrounds after October 1, 2017.

  • Pioneer Trail Group Camp

Campgrounds Currently Listed as CLOSED - as of January 27, 2018

  • Baker Campground
  • Beardsley Dam Campground
  • Boulder Flat
  • Brightman Flat Campground
  • Cascade Creek Campground/li>
  • Clark Fork Campground - call
  • Clark Fork Horse Camp - call
  • Dardanelle Campground
  • Deadman Campground
  • Eagle Meadow Horse Camp
  • Eureka Valley Campground
  • Fence Creek Campground
  • Fraser Flat Campground
  • Herring Creek Campground
  • Herring Reservoir Campground
  • Hull Creek Campground
  • Kerrick Horse Camp
  • Leavitt Meadows Campground
  • Meadowview Campground
  • Mill Creek Campground
  • Niagara Creek Campground
  • Niagara OHV Campground
  • Pigeon Flat Campground
  • Pinecrest Campground
  • Pine Valley Horse Camp
  • Sand Bar Flat Campground
  • Sand Flat Campground - call
  • Sonora Bridge Campground
  • TeliLi puLaya Campground (Black Oak Flat)

Dodge Ridge Ski Resort: Open for 2017-2018 season
Leland High Sierra Snowplay:   Open for 2017-2018 season

Kennedy Meadows Resort:   Closed
Dardanelle Resort:   Closed

Roads and Recreation Areas (as reported January 27, 2018)

  • Lyons Reservoir Day Use Area - Open until Nov. 1 (closes annually Nov. 1 to May 1)
  • China Flat Day Use Area - Beardsley Reservoir Afterbay
  • Crabtree Road - Closed
  • Crandall and Deer Creek OHV Area -Closed
  • Herring Creek Road - Closed
  • Hull Creek - Trout Creek OHV Area - Closed
  • Hunter Creek OHV Area - Closed

Snow Report Websites

Dodge Ridge Snow Report

Current conditions at Dodge Ridge Ski Area - weather report and snow depth

Sonora Pass Snow Depth

Current conditions at Summit Meadow (almost the summit of Sonora Pass), elevation 9,313', California Department of Water Resources

Dodge Ridge Ski Resort:


Leland High Sierra Snowplay:


Web Cams

Dodge Ridge Ski Area Web Cams

Dodge Ridge Ski Area Base Cam - elevation 6,600'
Dodge Ridge Ski Area Summit Cam - elevation 8,000'

Bald Mountain Helibase Web Cam

Looking Northeast toward Dardanelle
Bald Mountain Hellibase WebCam

Twain Harte Area Web Cam

Cedar Ridge Web Cam - elevation 3,800'

Road Conditions - Chain Controls

Road Conditions - Highway 108

Road conditions, chain controls, and road closures from California Department of Transportation. On the DOT site, scroll down slightly to find current conditions on Highway 108.

Historical Conditions on Sonora Pass

Road Closures

Sonora Pass usually closes for the season in November when snow accumulates on Highway 108, making it unsafe for travel. Often the gates are closed first at Kennedy Meadows and Leavitt Meadows and then as lower snow falls, gates 6 miles east of Strawberry and at Pickel Meadow are closed for the season.

In the spring Sonora Pass is sometimes open for travel in April, usually by early or mid May. As with the fall closures, Highway 108 to Kennedy Meadows opens first, often in April, sometimes sooner.

Past Winter Closure and Spring Opening Dates for
Sonora Pass

Winter Sonora Pass Closed Sonora Pass Open
1994 April 13
2004-05 May 28
2005-06 May 28
2006-07 May 11
2007-08 December 10 May 8
2008-09 December 14 May 14
2009-10 December 1 May 28
2010-11 November 22 May 27
2011-12 January 21, 2012 May 4
2012-13 December 19 April 24
2013-14 December 9 April 18
2014-15 November 29 April 17
2015-16 November 28 May 18
2016-17 November 19 June 13
2017-18 November 13

For current road conditions the Department of Transportation website listed above is the best resource.

Snow Depths

Sonora Pass usually sees snow depths exceeding 100 inches during the winter. At Relief Valley, which is near Kennedy Meadows, snow levels in April, 2005 reached an average of 183 inches. Snow can reach as low as 2000' in the winter, but usually the snow line is about 3500'.